the higher prices.  If the answer to that question is “yes”, you need not do anything and your policy will adjust to the new prices automatically.  If you feel that the higher prices give more coverage than you need, you may do one of three things to make adjustments in your coverage.

1. Decrease your coverage by a level or more.  Typically, each time you reduce your coverage by one level (e.g. 75% to 70%), your premium will be reduced by roughly 30%.

2. Reduce your price election.  Currently, everyone insures to 100% of the prices for the plan that you have.  However, you may choose to insure to a percentage of the price election.  For example, a corn grower in NC could choose to insure 70% of the $3.76 price election and therefore, would be paid $2.63 per bushel rather than the $3.76 price election.  This would decrease the premium by 30% and would put the farmer in a

Due to recent events such as high gas prices, high beef prices, etc., the commodities markets have been an extreme roller coaster ride.  Many prices that we use for crop insurance are very high relative to prior years.  Correspondingly, you can expect increases in dollar coverage on your crop insurance policy and increases in premium.  Following are the prices that have been announced and the percentages of increase over last year’s prices.

Crop             07 Price    Increase

Burley Tobacco           $1.62          8%

Corn (CRC, NC)        $3.76        60%

Flue Cured Tobacco     $1.52        13%

Soybeans  (CRC,NC)  $7.11        14%

As you can see from the above numbers, coverage and premiums will be substantially higher with most every crop, especially corn.  The question that everyone must ask is whether you want and need the additional amount of coverage offered by

2. similar premium to that which he experienced in 2006.

3. Move to a different plan of insurance.  For the grain crops, there are 3 plans of insurance available.  Most are currently insured on the CRC (Crop Revenue Coverage) plan.  The APH (Actual Production History) plan and the RA (Revenue Assurance) plans are available.  While a change in plans is an option, it will perhaps allow you to meet the need of reducing premium but may not meet your other needs.

For Virginia corn and soybean farmers, the prices for CRC and RA coverage are tracking even higher than the prices that have been established in NC.  VA CRC and RA price will be established the first week of March.  By the time that we have the dinner meetings in mid February, we should be able to better advise you due to the fact that we’ll have a much better idea of what the revenue crop insurance prices will be.

Important News Regarding Your Crop Insurance

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